About Thomas

Thomas Gage is a content marketing nerd by day and a theatre geek by night.

He is passionate about supporting theatre companies and theatre artists to create a more sustainable industry.


Thomas grew up in France where he lived for 18 years before coming out to just outside Vancouver BC to study theatre. That’s where he’s lived pretty much ever since (with a brief 2.5 years stint in Seoul, South Korea).

In 2012, he started working at a nonprofit, helping them bring their print communications online. As he was learning best practices, he noticed how far behind the theatre industry was. And so for the past ten years, he has dedicated himself to learning everything he could about content marketing with an eye on how to apply it for theatre companies.

As much as the theatre industry has to learn about content marketing, so too does content marketing have a lot to learn from the theatre industry.

And this is where Thomas really finds joy. Marketing is storytelling. And theatre training is about weaving together the beats to connect with audiences in powerful, authentic ways.

Thomas works as a senior content strategist at Briteweb, a branding, website and design agency for nonprofits. He co-hosts Missed Cues, a theatre podcast and tries to get out on a local stage a couple times a year.